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Trip to England



Pour la sixième année, Madame CODO, professeure d’anglais, a organisé un voyage en Angleterre, du 27 au 31 mars 2017.

Par Internet, nous recevions des nouvelles de leur périple.



Our trip started at Gare du Nord where all of the students met up early in the morning. The teachers talked to us and we got on the train at nine. Everybody was either happy and/or excited, even for those who had been to England before. We all had high hopes for what our trip was going to be. It took us about two hours to get to St Pancras and fifteen minutes more to get to the British museum.

Once we were there, we had a treasure hunt to do. Mrs Codo and Mr Remaggi gave us a booklet with information and indications to help us find the “treasures” we needed to hunt down. Everybody split up in groups and went around the museum looking around. We had about an hour for our hunt and when we were done we all met up in the main hall. We had time to eat at noon and answer the questions in our booklets before taking the bus again and heading to Camden Town/Market. It took us a few minutes to get there from the British museum and it was amazing. When we were passing by the Chalk farm Road, we were all amazed by the originality of the shops we saw. Our teachers gave us an hour to visit the place and some of us even got to do some shopping. Once again, we split up in groups and went around the market. We had to walk since all the shops are all right next to each other. By the end we were all very happy with what we had done, bought or ate. However some of the students were disappointed by the fact that some of the stuff they wanted to buy was either too expensive or not exactly what they expected.

Our first day in London was over. We finally got to rest when we got to the bus and went to our host families.

Angélique KILIC, 1L2.

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